We need to pay attention to what the packaging machine when you install the water-reducing agent?

We need to pay attention to what the packaging machine when you install the water-reducing agent? Before installing the water reducing packaging machine should be strictly in accordance with the electrical specifications for pipeline laying, the strong and weak electrical signal line isolation through deposition, to avoid interference. In the open air environment should take independent external lightning protection measures. Superplasticizer packaging machine itself should also be kept well grounded to prevent static buildup and so have an impact on the ball machine. When properly installed to connect the power lines, communication lines and video lines, referring to the requirements of the installation instructions carefully when connecting to confirm that communication and the corresponding pin definition. In general, the equipment should be installed at a later stage of construction, the construction site in order to avoid a lot of dust intrusion ball machine, a direct impact on their effectiveness and longevity. Additionally, the following precautions should be extra attention to: In order to ensure supply pressure ball machine is working properly, the power supply should not be lower than the dome of the nominal value of the input voltage. Waterproof outdoor packaging machine installation must be waterproof. For suspended installation, there is a gap between the dome and the bracket is screwed place. In case of rain and snow, the water will seep along the slit harm inside. Grounding pressure the ball machine is mainly divided into the ground and inside the housing is electrically grounded. The main ground cover to prevent accumulation of static electricity, electrical leakage, etc., outdoor ball machine is also special to install external lightning protection measures. Thermal heat problem pressure ball machine at work must also be considered. Some brands on the market no outdoor dome model, and therefore can not be directly used in outdoor, must increase with outdoor housing and other accessories. Maijie machinery to provide you with the following quality products: water-soluble fertilizer packaging machine, briquettes bagging machine, rice packaging machine, feed packaging machines, packaging machines fertilizer, seed packing machine, powder packing machine, water reducer packing scale, quantitative packaging Scales, automatic packaging stack, chemical packaging machine, grain packaging machines and related products and so on. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit!